Over 40 and Fabulous Best Self Magazine Nomination!

Such a pleasure for us to learn of our nomination and selection as part of Over 40 and Fabulous Best Self Magazine Atlanta! We are grateful to be able to serve and support others as professional speakers, psychotherapist, executive coaches, TEDx speakers, TEDx Speaker Coaches, Mindfulness teachers, clinical counselors at Chapman Cancer Wellness Piedmont Healthcare, and authors. We will learn of the final results September 21st. Deeply appreciative of this honor and for those who have come before us!

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Mental Health and Wellness Tips

According to the CDC, in recent times, Depression has quadrupled! A variety of other mental and physical health symptoms have proliferated as well.

In our combined work of well over fifty (50) years as counselors, coaches, and professional speakers, we suggest the following tips to positively impact your mental health and well-being:

1) Ground yourself.
2) Ask for support.
3) Feel what you feel.
4) Exercise consistently.
5) Practice Mindfulness and meditation.
6) Adjust your diet to better choices.
7) Carve out consistent fun and relaxation.

Our mission and message is to help you feel, perform, and live at your best. Reach out to us today at or 404-949-9500 to enjoy better results with your mental health and wellness!

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In addition to your work, what floats your boat? Music? Yoga? Laughing with friends? When you invest in balancing your energies, you operate more effectively. Ever notice how creative you suddenly become on vacation? Allowing yourself to regularly rest, clears your mind and resets your body so that you live at your best. How can you strike a balance more regularly?

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Brain Health

How’s your brain feeling? Are you getting the results you want?
Today I’m speaking to government employees and healthcare system about brain health as it relates to mental health, mood and performance.
Did you know it’s possible to have peace in your brain and nervous system while also being a productive, high performer? Yes, you can have it all! Practice makes progress!

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The Power of Focus

What you are focusing on impacts your well-being and performance. Where focus goes, energy flows. Wouldn’t you agree? Train your brain to focus on possibilities and solutions. You can do this through a variety of ways such as meditation, yoga, other mind body techniques, and coaching. Starting your day with positive rituals sets your mind in an upbeat, productive fashion for the day. You will feel and perform better! Ask us for support as needed. We’ll be happy to help!

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