Breaking Alzheimer’s News

alzheimers and IL33

(before and after)

In medical news this week, researchers at both Glasgow University and Hong Kong University have identified lower levels of Interleukin-33 (IL-33) in those with Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). These studies point to significant brain improvements when IL-33 is increased.
Although these are preliminary (but substantial) findings on mice, medical researchers anticipate protein shots for humans which would raise the levels of IL-33 in the immune system in hopes of restoring memory.
While further, rigorous study is needed about the use of IL-33 with this inflammatory disease, this appears to be exciting news! This could be a substantial development as 44 million people worldwide have AD and only 1 in 4 have been diagnosed. Read more…

Happiness Heals

Dennis AOE1

We were delighted to be invited to deliver the keynote at the annual Angels on Earth fundraiser in honor of Chapman Cancer Wellness. The theme was “Happiness Heals.” The good news is that we can actually increase our happiness levels through simple practices. And increasing our happiness improves immune system functioning. A few simple strategies to get healthier and happier include meditation, exercise, and gratitude practices. To your health and well-being! A friend just sent us this link covering the event from a local newspaper – Marietta Daily Journal. We would love to speak at your next event!

Simple Ways To Conquer Fear


 How much does fear inform your life? Your choices? Ways of being in the world? In mindfulness we know that much of what we fear never actually happens. But it feels so real when we are imagining it. So as a part of your self-care today, pay attention to any fear based thinking you engage. Ask yourself if the story you are telling is true. Just because we think something doesn’t make it so! Give yourself permission to let go of the stressful worried thoughts. And bring yourself into this present moment. Just one deep inhale and one long slow exhale can help you enter the now more fully. And if there is actually something we do need to attend to, we will be much more skillful if we are calm, relaxed and clear-headed. Fear holds us back from stepping into our full potential and enjoying life fully! You deserve to experience both! Set an intention today to release the heavy energy of fear with confidence that you will have better ability to navigate what arises from a mindful grounded place.

A Few Nice Words Can Help

nice words

“A few nice words can help a person a lot more than you think.” We all can use encouragement and support from one another. Positive psychology tells us that practicing kindness and gratitude are top forms of a type of happiness called eudamonia. Research shows that cultivating eudamonia improves our immune system functioning and increases our happiness levels. We recently gave a keynote speak at a fundraiser on this topic and we were delighted to see how this topic resonated with the audience. We are still getting responses from that group…we all want to be happy and healthy. The good news is that we can achieve this with some simple strategies! Here are a few from positive psychology research:
1 Practice connecting with others throughout the day with small kindnesses like a smile or friendly word.
2 Take time each morning to send a note to someone letting them know you appreciate them.
3 Reach out to old friends you haven’t connected with in awhile and focus on making new ones.
Let us know how this goes for you! TO YOUR HAPPINESS & HEALTH!

Today I Choose Joy



“Today I choose joy.” What would bring you more joy today? How can you bring joy to others today? Rather than wait for joy to arise on its own we can consciously cultivate it. We can actively plan for it. We can set an intention each day to invite more joy in to our lives and spirits. Life can be really difficult and we need some buffers to bring some ease. Cultivating joy is like making deposits in our banks. Life will make plenty of withdrawals so we need to nourish ourselves so that our internal accounts don’t become depleted. As speakers and coaches this topic is very popular with personal and organizational clients. Sometimes we forget that cultivating joy is in our hands. That’s exciting news! We are not dependent on externals. In mindfulness we say that the 10000 joys and 10000 sorrows are constantly co-arising. That is the nature of life. We get to choose where we focus. The ego often wants to ruminate on the negative. True its not skillfull to deny issues or struggles. However its important and beneficial to keep it all in perspective. Joy helps us do that. And we can find much joy in the simple things. Wishing you a joy filled day today!