How Results Happen

Change is difficult. Even if a behavior, belief, or relationship is painful, change is difficult. One of the reasons change can be tough is a psychological principle called cognitive dissonance. This means that as you move forward with a new behavior, belief, or relationship, you may feel initially positive. But then, discomfort sets in because it’s unfamiliar. Often  people give up on their goals at this time of discomfort. If you really want to achieve your dreams, you must be willing to tolerate the unfamiliar and the pain of discomfort.

What is it you most desire to change or improve? To lose weight?  Make more money? Release a toxic relationship? You can live the life you have imagined.  It will take hard work and the commitment to stay the course, even when things get tough – and they will. Get support from trusted friends, colleagues or a coach to you help you navigate the hills and valleys on the road to success!  What step can you take today to feel and live better?

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Concentration and Focus

How well can you successfully concentrate on this picture for one minute?

Studies show that the attention span of an average, modern-day adult changes 6-10 times per minute! With the blessing of technology comes a problem: decreased attention span. Increasingly, people expect themselves and others to multi-task, a skill that most humans are not very capable of doing very skillfully.

What’s more, decreased attention span leads to decreased work performance, safety concerns and loss of quality in relationships. Here are some suggestions to increase your attention span in order to up-level any attention span issues:

  • Stillness/Meditation- instituting a daily practice, even if it’s for only for 5 minutes, can produce great results.
  • Technology Timeouts- wait 30-minutes to an hour upon awakening before you pick up your phone, get on your computer, or turn on the television. Put away all technology 30 minutes to an hour before bed. Strike a balance throughout your day with your cell phone. The average American adult checks their cell phone every 12 minutes and most people can only go 10 minutes before they check it!
  • Practice focusing exclusively on one thing at a time: whether a person, work task, or activity (like driving!)

If you were able to concentrate on the picture for one minute, and read this all the way through, all is not lost! (lol).   Keep up the great work!

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