Explore, Expand, Emerge Retreat!

Art of Living Retreat Center View

Join us on an all-inclusive self-discovery retreat in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina! The Art of Living Retreat is a state of the art setting that includes award winning chefs, hundreds of acres of hiking trails, ayurvedic spa amenities, and cozy accommodations.

This personal development and enrichment retreat that will support you in revealing the best version of yourself. We will include some fun and gentle exploration activities to discover what’s next for you, personally and/or professionally. This will be a beautiful, supportive environment to help you gain more clarity and satisfaction as well as to support you in becoming a healthier, happier person.  We will offer a blend of teachings and activities from mindfulness, psychology, positive psychology, sound healing, energy medicine, and integrative medicine.

We will also lead meditation and yoga sessions, labyrinth walks, and mindful hikes. There will also be ample free time built-in to the program should you opt for spa treatments, other amenities, meander or simply rest. You will leave feeling restored, refreshed, and revitalized.

Space is limited so register here today! https://bit.ly/2Rnidv7

Wellness In The New Year

Did you include wellness as a part of your new year intentions? One of the reasons people either avoid resolutions or quickly get off track when they do set them is because they get overwhelmed.
As a wellness professional over the last two+ decades, I have observed that creating smaller health habit goals helps people start and stay on track. If you try to do too much, your brain will put on the emergency brakes. It’s better to do a little bit each day than a lot every once in awhile. This is how you will get results!

Remember that a comprehensive wellness plan includes mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, behavioral, relational, financial, and environmental elements. Start small in one of these areas! Aim for progress not perfection. Get support when you need it. And remember a little bit goes a long way over time. You got this!