Breaking Destructive Patterns


Have you found yourself frustrated and unable to break a lifelong harmful pattern? It may be that you find yourself in a negative, unfulfilling relationship or situation. Do you tend to #sabotage yourself in personal or work relationships?

#Beliefs, #coping skills and #behavior patterns become hard-wired in your psyche early in life. There’s an expression in psychology that neurons that fire together, wire together. When a pattern is learned and repeated enough, it unconsciously becomes part of your personality. This is not easily unlearned as you move into adulthood. In fact, it’s fair to say that for many people, they find themselves living in the same atmosphere as adults as they did when they were growing up.

To be clear, they are not trying to recreate unhappy circumstances but somehow, they do. Why would someone do such a thing? Generally, it’s because you repeat what is familiar even if it’s destructive.

By no means is it a hopeless situation. On the contrary, if a person is determined and #highly-motivated to get out of the pain they or others are suffering, it is not impossible at all. guidelines we recommend are:

  • Get clear on how your early life dynamics have directly influenced your current dysfunctional behavior. This is not about parent-bashing. Understanding the why of your behavior and its connection to your current reality is exceedingly helpful.
  • Take responsibility for your own feelings and behaviors. This step is not to make yourself feel bad and cause punishment. This part is key as you are the only one you can control.
  • Set an intention for how you would like to be. What does it look like? This becomes your North Star. You want to orient your internal compass daily to what is a better way of being.
  • Practice, practice, practice.
  • Be compassionate to yourself and others in the process.

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