The Brain and Rest

The brain maintains about 120 processes per second and 60,000 recycled thoughts per day. Lots of thinking and processing! When overused, the brain, as well as the body, can’t function optimally at work or home. How do you plan to ratchet it down this week so that you can enjoy better results? Wishing you lots of rest this weekend, friends.

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Conflict Resolution

How effective are your “go to” approaches in resolving conflict? Where can you skillfully tweak your side of an issue to gain better results? In business and in personal relationships, you can only control your side of the street. You can positively influence the process, the dance of conflict. Even if a response is conditioned, the great news is that change can happen today! As keynote speakers, leadership speakers, mindfulness speakers, and executive coaches, we’ve seen how conflict plays out in business and at home- for better or worse. Some tweaks on your part, in terms of your approach with others, can truly make a difference, even if it may seem useless on the surface.
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