It’s all about mindset! I’ve been teaching the power of mindset to clients and audiences for decades! I now have discovered a new toy to reinforce this principle that I’m going to share with you today.  First, I don’t receive kickbacks from Staples, but I wish I did! Because I often encourage clients to purchase a n EASY voice button for a mere $7-$10. When you press the button, you hear a voice confidently say “that was easy!” This is a wonderful way to reframe challenges you face. When you take action on a difficult call,  are triumphant with a new habit, or overcome a fear you have, pressing this button is a great way to reinforce your personal strength and resilience amidst perceived challenges. This causes the mind to shift its locked perception about what you  previously thought was difficult. This all speaks to mindset. How are you looking at what’s before you today, this week, or this year?


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Mindful Health

Integrative health studies show that mindful eating, exercise, laughter, and cultivating love can have a profound effect on both the quantity and quality of your life. Where can to be more skillful today?

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