Mindful Monday: Free Your Mind

It’s Mindful Monday! Research shows that taking breaks from technology on a regular basis will help you to feel better and thus, perform better. If you are overstimulated with information and communication, your brain will not function at it’s best. When you take a break from technology throughout your day, you will enjoy better focus, improved energy, and better performance. When you free your mind from being tethered to constant stimulation, you are more creative and innovative.
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In mindfulness, acceptance is defined as the willingness to see things clearly.  This arises from a daily practice of silence and stillness. Acceptance is based on clarity.  From there, comes mindful performance and strategic action. Where and how can acceptance help you in more skillful responding to challenges for better results?

Retain Inner Peace

Cultivate and protect your inner peace. Beware the ego: It will always justify a move away from peacefulness via self-righteousness, internal and external drama, and defensiveness. When you retain your peace, you bring the qualities of calm and clarity into the world. This is a gift and a blessing to those around you.