Smiling Depression

Important to consider! ‘tWitch. A family member. A co-worker. Your grocery clerk. You. Things are not always as they appear. Human beings are complex. Many people are mentally/emotionally suffering and struggling. Judgments don’t help. Care and non-judgment do. As clinical counselors, executive coaches, and professional speakers of many decades, we’ve seen a lot. As human beings, we have personally experienced many emotions and thoughts, including depression.

We also had an immediate family member suicide.

In my training, I learned that generally people who suicide want to live more than they want to die. But they find themselves backed into a corner. They truly see no other way out. It leads to a desperate, grave act. If YOU are mentally/emotionally down and don’t see an answer to your problems, reach out. Reach out to us @[email protected]. Reach out to another caring professional now. Don’t become convinced that your view, your wild thoughts and emotions are the truth. It’s not the end of the story! In actuality, this negative paradigm you’re experiencing is a temporary condition. The world needs you!

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