Mindfulness Speaks to The Issues of Our Time

Mindfulness speaks to the issues of our time. In addition to present moment awareness, the foundations of Mindfulness are acceptance and non-judgment. From a place of calm, clarity, and compassion, skillful right action emerges. Change begins at the individual level. It begins with me. Whether it’s around Covid19, important social issues, or other matters that cause us to shift, Mindfulness is a powerful starting point? How can you perform more mindfully in each present moment today?

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Releasing Internal Pressure

I was struck by the directions on an Instant Pot: “Do not open until the appliance has depressurized and all internal pressure has been released.”
Getting emotionally-centered before speaking and taking action prevents costly mistakes. I hear clients and others saying “I need to make something happen now!” Action for action’s sake is an energy drain and quite ineffective. Inspired action, cultivated through meditation and calm reflection, yields more positive, effective results. How are you releasing your internal pressure today? ~ Dennis