Break the Mold

Have you heard the phrase “break the mold?” What comes up for you when you hear that? If someone directs it at you or a loved one, does it conjure positive or negative feelings? Does it help you feel elevated or diminished? Have you ever been inspired to do that?

Depending on the communicator’s perspective and agenda, it can have a different impact for different people. The definition of breaking the mold is “to put an end to a restrictive pattern of events of behavior by doing things in a markedly different way”. Some people admire the behavior of breaking the mold and branching into uncharted territories. Others are more apprehensive. Where do you find yourself? What were you taught growing up? What examples have you witnessed?

When Jamie Kern Lima, author of “Believe It” and founder of IT cosmetics, was told she was not attractive enough to sell makeup to other women based on her weight and appearance, it hurt her deeply as you could imagine. After she bounced back from multiple years of repeated rejections from the industry, she found herself feeling even more determined and resolved to break the mold in the beauty industry.

Eventually, she went on to sell IT cosmetics to L’Oreal for $1.2 billion and became the first female CEO in the company’s history. Her early career path began as a waitress at Denny’s restaurant. She broke the mold. She was a pioneer. She was rejected multiple times by the experts in the beauty industry. As Jamie often says, “You’re not wrong. You’re just the first.” She has since helped many people.

Don’t allow the outside world to convince you that your ideas and vision are wrong. Even if no one else has done it before, don’t believe that it can’t be done. Jamie Kern Lima’s second book, “Worthy,” will be released in February 2024. Consider the young people in your life who need some inspiration and motivation that would benefit from reading both of her books.

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