TEDx Talk “Defusing Stress With Mindful Mojo”


We just received our photos from our recent TEDx Talk. We look forward to sharing the video with you as it becomes available! In our talk, “Defusing Stress With Mindful Mojo,” we shared our own personal and professional experiences around stress and mindfulness. While there are many points to be made re: mindfulness essentially it allows you to move from habitual, reactionary patterns to more skillful responding. The point of power is always in the present moment! #mindfulness #mindfulleadership #TEDx #TEDxspeaker #leadership #speaker #corporatetraining

When Someone Gets Cancer

“When someone gets diagnosed with cancer, the whole family and everyone who loves them does too.” -Terri Clark In 2006, we founded the Mindfulness Program for cancer patients and their families at Thomas Chapman Cancer Wellness Piedmont Healthcare. We facilitate several classes and workshops at CCW every week. In our recent TEDX talk, we discussed some of our work. I asked the audience how many people had been impacted by cancer. Almost every hand went up. Wow! In 2008, we lost my father to cancer. He was only 62. We were heartbroken. We deeply understand the complex role of being a caregiver and watching someone you love go through difficult treatments. We also have seen many triumphs for the patients and families we serve. In 2012 we began traveling the country to speak to healthcare professionals about the importance of implementing Mindfulness into the workplace. Research shows that healthcare professionals who have a Mindfulness practice receive much higher client satisfaction ratings. We heard numerous stories from these professionals around the victories and obstacles of practicing Mindfulness. We are passionate about helping healthcare systems cultivate a mindful environment for patients, their families, and the professionals who serve them. Invite us to bring Mindfulness to your organization! #mindfulness #mindful #leadership#healthcare #cancer #cancercare #cancerprevention #mindbody#integrative #health #healthy #survivorship #coach #angelabuttimer#dennisbuttimer #speaker #TEDxspeaker #TEDx #keynotespeaker#corporatetraining #findthecure #findthecause #mindfulhealthcare